Welcome to Jenny Bopp's School of Dance Arts


The vision of JBSDA is to provide children, youth, and adults with an environment that promotes healthy self-expression, creativity, and age-appropriate classical ballet and modern dance technique. JBSDA provides challenges and opportunities for students to work together in setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and practicing life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and decision making. With a strong focus in performance, technique, composition, dance history, analyzing, and critiquing, JBSDA provides a holistic curriculum that encourages students to explore and discover who they are, and how they fit into the world around them.​

What We Offer


JBSDA offers a wide range of classes and performance opportunities for children, youth and adults. Our classes and curricula are tailored to fit and challenge the developmental stages of growth, and help students confidently achieve their dance and fitness goals.

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